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wiki1235: Roadmap (Version 8)

Foundry27 Roadmap#

Foundry27 is by its very nature a dynamic environment; we expect continuous refinements to
the portal and its projects.

We plan the evolution of Foundry27 into a rich ecosystem that will span the following 4 phases:

*Foundation - infrastructure and initial content seeded - done!
*Building Community - enhance content and get community interest - already making great progress!
*Enablement - contribution framework in place, active community
*Momentum - projects from the community start producing value add
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While we believe the initial version of the portal is a great environment for the QNX community to interact, we already have plenty of ideas to improve it over time. You suggestions are welcome; share them through the Community Forum.


While the initial set of projects that Foundry27 hosts is small and mostly based on QNX contributions, it is our mission to increase the number of projects over time, and to promote projects from other community members. QNX plans to offer its technologies to the community through new projects on a quarterly basis.


Because the goal of Foundry27 is to foster the community of QNX users and developers, contributions from anyone is welcome. We are currently working on the official process that will govern the creation of new projects, as well as external contributions, to QNX's own projects. We expect to have this process and infrastructure in place within the first quarter of 2008. However, until we have an official and published process, we encourage anyone interested in sponsoring a new project to contact the QNX Community Management Group.

Roadmap Table#

The table below summarizes the upcoming major milestones:

Milestone Major Accomplishments Planned
Launch QNX Community Launched 3Q07
QNX Operating System Project Kernel, system libraries, core utilities 3Q07
BSPs and Drivers Project Initial set of BSPs and drivers 3Q07
Bazaar Project Hosts several components not developed as part of a project 3Q07
Core Development Tools Project GNU Compiler, Debugger, binutils, make and nasm 3Q07
IDE Project Milestone builds and plans of the QNX Momentics IDE 3Q07
K-Scope Project Multi-media Demo Application 4Q07
Networking Project Next Generation Networking stack, protocols, drivers (io-pkt) 4Q07
Tracker Support Enabled Tracker support for each project 4Q07
External committers Infrastructure and governance ready to handle community contributions 1Q08
Filesystems Project Block/Flash/Network Filesystems and Utilities 1Q08
System Services & Additional Drivers char-io, audio, USB, PCI 2Q08
Photon Project Photon runtime component 3Q08
Graphics Project Advanced graphics components 3Q08
Multimedia Project Multimedia components 4Q08

Roadmap Staging Area (Good Ideas Yet To Be Scheduled) #

These are unscheduled items that are good ideas but have no hard timeframe associated with them. If you have additional ideas, post a message in the community forum and if it sounds like it makes sense, we'll get it in the staging area.

  • Support for instant messaging clients and project scheduled "chat with developers live". Share virtual beers and solve problems in real-time.
  • Project source code metrics. Integrate capability for svnstat style automated source code repository statistics