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wiki1365: Foundry27Glossary (Version 3)

Foundry27 Glossary#

This page describes the terms used in the portal.

Anonymous Community Member#

A QNX Community Member without a myQNX account.

Community Member#

In the context of the Foundry27 portal; synonym for QNX Community Member.

Foundry27 Navigation Bar#

The menu used to navigate between the QNX Software System corporate web site, the community home page, and projects. It appears in the image below:

Project Navigation Bar#

The menu used to navigate throughout the resources of a given project. It appears after selecting a project through the Foundry27 Navigation Bar (highlighted within the red rectangle in the image below):

QNX Community#

The set of all QNX Community Members.

QNX Community Member#

QNX Community Members spans the full spectrum of developers using the QNX software platform. This includes developers building applications running on the platform as well as developers building tools to help develop such applications. Developers may be hobbyist, educational institution faculty members or students, commercial developers, consultants or QNX technology partners.

Registered QNX Community Member#

A QNX Community Member with a myQNX account.