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wiki4380: CommunityMembers

Community Members#

Foundry27 community members are entitled to a wide set of resources to help develop software on the QNX software platform.

Anonymous users#

Anonymous users browsing the foundry have read access to most of the portal's content with the exception of community downloads.

Registered community members#

Registered community members log into Foundry27. They can access community downloads and participate to forums by posting messages. Becoming a registered community member is free, all you need is to create a myQNX account.

Project members#

Project members are registered community members that are highly involved in the development of a Foundry27 project. Project members are approved by the sponsors of a given project. Although each project is free to manage access control to its resources, the following member roles are usually found in project:
  • Contributor: can contribute to the wiki (except the project home page), documents and project downloads sections
  • Administrator: has control over all resources found in the project


The following table summarizes the access generally offered to the various resources of projects hosted in Foundry27:

ResourceAnonymousRegistered MemberContributorAdministrator
Home page Read Read Read Read/Write
Documents Read Read Read/Write Read/Write/Administer
Tasks Read Read Read/Write Read/Write/Administer
Source Code Read (see note 1) (Web only) Read (see note 2) Read/Write Read/Write/Administer
Forums Read Read/Post Read/Post Read/Post/Administer
Reports Read Read Read/Write Read/Write/Administer
Project Downloads n/a Read Read/Write Read/Write/Administer
Wiki Read Read Read/Write Read/Write/Administer

note 1: Some projects restrict their code to registered members, no web interface is then available to anonymous users. Such source is then only available from the QNX Source project.