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Welcome to the Community Project#

The Community Project helps manage the evolution of the QNX Community. This project offers the usual set of resources available for technology projects:

  • Forums to discuss general community-related topics
  • Tracker (coming soon) to post articles, send suggestions, or for other purposes
  • Documents and wiki sections to address general community topics such as licensing information and roadmap

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)#

The FAQ answers most questions related to the Community;


The table below presents the next major milestones for the QNX Community:

Milestone Major Accomplishments Planned date Actual date
Launch QNX Community Launched 12Sep2007 .
Core OS Project Kernel, system libraries, core utilities 12Sep2007 .
BSPs and Drivers Project Initial set of BSPs and drivers 12Sep2007 .
Basaar Project Hosts several components not developed as part of a project 12Sep2007 .
Core Development Tools Project GNU Compiler, Debugger, binutils, make and nasm 12Sep2007 .
IDE Project Initial directory of add-ons for the IDE 12Sep2007 .
K-Scope Project Multi-media Demo Application 31Oct2007 .
Networking Project Next Generation Networking stack, protocols, drivers (io-pkt) 31Oct2007 .
Tracker Support Enabled Tracker support for each project 01Dec2007 .
External committers Infrastructure and governance ready to handle third party contributions 28Feb2008 .
Filesystems Project Block/Flash/Network Filesystems and Utilities 28Feb2008 .
Character Devices Character and serial device drivers TBD .
Photon Project Photon runtime component Jun2008 .
Graphics Project Advanced graphics components Sep2008 .
Multimedia Project Multimedia components Dec2008 .