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wiki2319: XilinxVirtex5ML507BSP (Version 9)

Xilinx Virtex 5- ML507BSP, Experimental#


Feature Planned Availability Format Notes
STARTUP Completed SRC .
GPIO Completed SRC .
UART Completed SRC .
SPI Completed SRC .
I2C Completed SRC .
  • BSP for EDK tool chain 10.1. used on Virtex 5-ML507 reference design.
  • This BSP was produced with the collaboration of Xilinx Design Services (XDS) who generously donated this BSP to the QNX community.
  • Please submit any questions you may have regarding this posting to the Foundry27 BSP Forum at:

This BSP is currently available upon special request.

  • To Purchase Hardware and for support of QNX Neutrino OS in conjunction with Xilinx Virtex 5 processors go to |Go To:

For additional details pertaining to the release of this BSP please contact the QNX Community Management Group: qcmg _at_

Search Keywords: 507, ml507, virtex, Xilinx,ML507, VIRTEX

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    Version 11 Frederic Plante(deleted)  -  06/05/2009
    Version 10 Updated page and added download link Frederic Plante(deleted)  -  06/05/2009
    Version 9 edit to Connect Tech link page Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  03/30/2009
    Version 8 direction on hardware and support purchase Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  03/26/2009
    Version 7 features included in virtex 5 bsp, where to get support Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  03/26/2009
    Version 6 Add Search Keywords. Jingping Huang  -  12/17/2008
    Version 5 Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  06/02/2008
    Version 4 Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  05/30/2008
    Version 3 Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  05/30/2008
    Version 2 Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  05/30/2008
    Version 1 vrtx 5 bsp description, link to be provided Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  05/30/2008