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wiki2782: X86Bios (Version 33)

x86 BIOS/APIC Board Support Package#

The purpose of this BSP is to provide source code for the most common x86 drivers necessary to boot QNX Neutrino on x86 boards that have a BIOS, for both legacy and APIC based systems.

New! QNX Neutrino 6.6.0 BSP#

Date Version Prerequisites User Guide Release Notes License(s) Support Provider BSP
2014-02-28 6.6.0 QNX SDP 6.6.0 here here Apache II QNX QNX here


QNX Neutrino 6.5.0 SP1#

Date Version Prerequisites Installation Notes Release Notes License(s) Support Provider Download
March 17, 2014 6.5.0 SP1 QNX Momentics 6.5.0 SP1 6.5.0 Generic Notes here QDL Experimental QNX Project Downloads


Feature Planned Availability Format Notes
PCI/PCIe Completed SRC .
Serial Completed SRC .
Startup Completed SRC .
Ethernet Completed SRC .

* This list does NOT include generic drivers included in QNX Momentics distribution

QNX Neutrino 6.6.0 Change History#

February 28, 2014#

  • Initial post

QNX Neutrino 6.5.0 Change History#

April 03, 2014#

  • PCI server option (-T) added to enable work-around for Intel E6xx Errata B150 (Clearing PCIe Root Port's BME Bit With Pending Upstream Traffic Will Cause Internal Bus to Hang (ref. Intel document 324209-016))

March 17, 2014#

  • PCI server fixes for properly displaying number of allocated MSI interrupts

October 30, 2013#

  • includes latest updates to startup library, PCI/PCIe server code

November 26, 2012#

  • Updated to 6.5.0 SP1, now contains e1000 network driver source

November 2011#

  • original version

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