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wiki7219: TritonTX48

Direct Insight Triton TX48 TI AM335x Board Support Package#

This BSP supports the Triton TX48 AM335x Module from Direct Insight


QNX Neutrino 6.5.0 Service Pack 1 BSP#

Date Version Prerequisites User Guide License(s) Support Provider BSP
2014-05-14 1.0.0 QNX Momentics 6.5.0 SP1 here Apache II Experimental Bsquare here


Feature Planned Availability Format Notes
Startup Completed SRC
Serial Completed SRC
10/100 Ethernet Completed SRC
SD/MMC Completed SRC
Watchdog Completed SRC
GPIO Completed SRC
USB Host Available BIN Contact Bsquare
SPI Available SRC Contact Bsquare
i2c Available SRC Contact Bsquare
ETFS/NAND Available SRC Contact Bsquare
LCD Graphics Available SRC Contact Bsquare
Touch Screen Available SRC Contact Bsquare
IPL Available SRC Contact Bsquare
RTC Available SRC Contact Bsquare

For information on additional drivers, please contact Bsquare; see BSP User Guide for contact information.

QNX Neutrino 6.5.0 SP1 Change History#

May 14, 2014 #

  • Initial Post

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