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wiki2877: TiDsplinkInstallnotes (Version 3)

Installing the DSPlink archive#


  1. QNX SDP 6.4.0
  2. Jacinto BSP 1.0.0 for 6.4.0
  3. Updated startup-jacinto

To install the updated startup files

  1. Contact your Support or Sales representitive to retrieve the updated startup files.
  2. The following files have been updated: 'build', 'init_intrinfo.c', and 'main.c'
  3. Copy the updated files to the startup folder of the BSP directory (<install_dir>/src/hardware/startup/boards/jacinto/)
  4. Rebuild startup

To install the DSPlink archive:

  1. Install the 6.4.0 Jacinto BSP by extracting to the directory of your choice
  2. Extract the Dsplink archive into the root of where the BSP is installed or a directory of your choice
  3. Navigate to the installation directory
  4. Run the script to set up the installation directory for the Dsplink components without affecting the BSP
	. ./
  1. Run make install to compile the DSPlink and the BSP.