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wiki2877: TiDsplinkInstallnotes (Version 2)

Installing the DSPlink archive#

To install the DSPlink archive:

  1. Install the BSP using setupbsp and specifying the path of installation.
  2. Extract the DSPlink archive into the root of where the BSP is installed.
  3. Navigate to the root of the BSP directory.
  4. Run the script to set up the installation directory for the DSPlink components without affecting the BSP:
	. ./
  1. Run make install to compile the BSP and DSPlink.

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    Version 7 Add notes for configuring Dsplink Kevin Mar(deleted)  -  07/28/2009
    Version 6 Kevin Mar(deleted)  -  07/15/2009
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    Version 3 Kevin Mar(deleted)  -  03/02/2009
    Version 2 Corrected the case in "DSPlink". Steve Reid  -  11/07/2008
    Version 1 Added instructions for installing the Dsplink archive. Steve Reid  -  11/07/2008