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wiki5401: TiDra6xxDm814x (Version 9)

Texas Instruments DRA6xx and DM814x (Jacinto 5) Evaluation Module (EVM) Board Support Package#

This BSP supports the Texas Instruments DRA6xx and DM814x Evaluation Modules


QNX Neutrino 6.5.0#

Date Version Prerequisites Installation Notes Release Notes License(s) Support Provider Download
July 10, 2012 trunk QNX Momentics 6.5.0 6.5.0 Generic Notes here QDL and Apache II Experimental QNX Project Downloads

Bootloader modules#

Click on the links to download MLO and U-BOOT.BIN


Feature Planned
Format Notes
IPL Completed SRC
Startup Completed SRC
Audio Completed SRC McASP and McBSP
Ethernet Completed SRC 10/100/1000
PATA Completed BIN
SATA Completed BIN
NAND flash (etfs) Completed SRC
Graphics Completed BIN Check with QNX Sales
Video Capture Conpleted BIN Check with QNX Sales
I2C Completed SRC
SD Block Completed SRC
Serial Completed SRC
SPI Completed SRC
USB Completed BIN
PCI Completed SRC
RTC Completed SRC
Watchdog Completed SRC
Touch Screen Input Completed SRC
NAND Flash Update Utility Completed BIN

TI Syslink 2.1 officially supports QNX#

TI has released their GPP/DSP intercommunication runtime software with official support for QNX. This product was formerly called DSP Link and has been renamed Syslink in the updated architecture. The current release supports QNX on TI814X devices.

Customers may download the latest 2.1 release directly from the TI Syslink Product Release page:

QNX Neutrino Trunk Change History#


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