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wiki8714: TiAm437xGp_evm

Texas Instruments AM437x General Purpose EVM Board Support Package#

This BSP supports the TI AM437x EVM Board.


New! QNX Neutrino 6.6.0 BSP#

Date Version Prerequisites User Guide Release Notes License(s) Support Provider BSP
2015-06-04 6.6.0 QNX SDP 6.6.0 here here Apache II QNX QNX here

USB Driver Patch#

Click here to download the PSP containing the io-usb USB driver for SDP 6.6.

TI WiLink8 Driver Patch#

Click here to download the PSP containing the WiLink8 driver, wpa binaries (wpa_supplicant and hostapd) and TI utilities


Feature Planned Availability Format Notes
IPL Completed SRC
Startup Completed SRC
Serial Completed SRC
NAND Completed SRC
Audio Completed SRC
I2C Completed SRC
USB Host Completed BIN
USB Device Completed SRC
MMC/SD Completed SRC
CAN Completed SRC
Network Completed SRC
RTC Completed SRC
GPIO Completed SRC

QNX Neutrino 6.6.0 Change History#

December 8, 2015#

  • Fixed issue with incorrect pinmux for CAN interface Tx/Rx

November 2, 2015#

  • Fixed L1, L2 cache issues, caches now work as expected.

August 7, 2015#

  • Updated BSP to include Wifi support and included link to WiLink8 binaries

June 4, 2015#

  • Initial post

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