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wiki4358: SDP_6.5.0_BSP_Info (Version 3)

SDP 6.5.0 BSP Information#

This page contains important information required to compile and package BSPs with the QNX Software Development Platform 6.5.0.

The 6.4.x information page can be found here.

6.5.0 Installation Notes

6.5.0 Interoperability #

Building 6.4.x BSPs with QNX SDP 6.5.0#

6.4.x BSPs should compile and work with QNX SDP 6.5.0

Some 6.4.x BSPs contain old versions of some header files which are included in the SDP 6.5.0. If you get compile errors in these files, try removing the files from the BSP itself and recompiling:

  • syspage.h

NOTE: 6.4.0 BSPs for e500-based boards cannot be used with SPE turned ON; you must use 6.4.1 versions of these BSPs instead

Building 6.5.0 BSPs with QNX SDP 6.4.x#

This is not supported, and upgrading to SDP 6.5.0 is required.

Available BSPs#

A complete list of BSPs can be found here.

Compressed file [SDP_6.5.0_BSP_Info/]

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