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wiki2713: Packaging_BSP

Packaging Board Support Package (BSP)!#

BSPs are packaged differently depending on the target version of the QNX Software Development Platform.

Packaging 6.3.x BSP#

Packaging 6.4.x BSP#

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    Version From To Version Comment Created By
    Version 5 all 6.4.x instructions are now on the Packaging_BSP_640 wiki page Shawn Lennox(deleted)  -  05/25/2009
    Version 4 Update 6.4.0 section properly. Dell Drummond(deleted)  -  11/10/2008
    Version 3 Added Packaging a 6.4.0 BSP Dell Drummond(deleted)  -  11/10/2008
    Version 2 Frederic Plante(deleted)  -  10/20/2008
    Version 1 Nicolas Gagnon(deleted)  -  10/01/2008