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wiki3009: NtotrunkFujitsuJadeTrunkReleasenotes (Version 7)

Please refer to the 6.4.0 release notes here

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    Version From To Version Comment Created By
    Version 7 refer to 6.4.0 release notes Bert Gemin(deleted)  -  09/24/2009
    Version 6 Johnny revise audio known issue Johnny Lin(deleted)  -  09/04/2009
    Version 5 Add the following statements for PR 70415. * Due to some unknow reasons, the audio capture might not work properly in the Extension Video Input board PV5. The root of this problem is under investigation. Johnny Lin(deleted)  -  09/01/2009
    Version 4 Revise a known issue of audio driver. Johnny Lin(deleted)  -  06/23/2009
    Version 3 Add the graphice driver IDE 4.5 build issue to Known Issues section Jian Wu  -  06/04/2009
    Version 2 updated for Fujitsu Jade EVB BSP Jian Wu  -  12/02/2008
    Version 1 Jian Wu  -  12/02/2008