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wiki3476: Nto640_fastboot_ipl_notes (Version 2)

Fastboot IPL Notes for Momentics 6.4 BSPs#

This guide explains how to use a Fastboot IPL Source only package with its counterpart BSP.

To access the Fastboot IPL Source package for a specific BSP, users must have signed the Intel Fastboot NDA.

Merging the BSP and IPL (For Momentics IDE users)#

Momentics IDE 4.5 and earlier cannot simply import Fastboot IPL packages into an existing BSP project. The BSP and IPL Source zip files must first be merged before the BSP/IPL can be imported into the IDE. This can simply be done by the following steps:
  1. Unzip the BSP
  2. Unzip the IPL in the same directory as the unzipped BSP
  3. Zip the resulting directory ensuring that the images install prebuilt src directories appear at the root of the zip archive.


Running the fastboot_

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