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wiki6031: FreescaleP5020ds

Freescale P5020DS Board Support Package#

This BSP supports the Freescale P5020DS Platform


QNX Neutrino 6.5.0 SP1#

Date Version Prerequisites Installation Notes Release Notes License(s) Support Provider Download
2013-05-06 1.0.0 QNX Momentics 6.5.0 SP1 6.5.0 Generic Notes here QDL and Apache II Released Freescale Project Downloads


Feature Planned Availability Format Notes
IPL Completed SRC
Startup Completed SRC
Serial Completed SRC
Ethernet Completed SRC
I2C Completed SRC
PCI Completed SRC
USB Completed BIN
SPI Completed SRC
SATA Completed SRC
NOR Completed SRC
NAND Completed SRC
RTC Completed SRC
MMCSD Completed SRC

Change History#


  • GA Release - May 6, 2013


  • Initial Beta release - March 18, 2013

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