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wiki5502: DevnXxx network driver#

This is the latest version of the driver. Support has been added for the Intel i350 line of gigabit Ethernet controllers.

Last Update Driver Platform Checksum
2012-03-23 x86
2012-03-23 arm
2012-03-23 armv7
2012-03-23 ppc

Installation notes for x86 systems#

  1. After you have downloaded this driver, run "cksum" and compare it with the above checksum
  2. Make a backup copy of /lib/dll/ as well as $QNX_TARGET/x86/lib/dll/
  3. Copy the new driver to /lib/dll as well as $QNX_TARGET/x86/lib/dll

Installation for other targets#

  1. Run cksum against the driver as for x86 above
  2. Make a backup copy of $QNX_TARGET/target/lib/dll/
  3. Copy this driver to $QNX_TARGET/target/lib/dll
  4. Rebuild your boot image to include the new driver