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wiki5902: DevfGenericwithSourceLibmtdFlash.awithSourceLibfsFlash3.sobinaryOnly

devf-generic, libmtd-flash.a, libfs-flash3.a

Date Module OS version(s) Architecture Documentation Release Note Status Provider Download Description
2012-12-19 patch-650-3172-RS4529_devf-all 6.5.0, 6.5.0 SP1 x86, ppcbe, ppcbe-spe, armle, armle-v7 here here Experimental - see release notes for details QNX here latest experimental binaries of devf-generic, libmtd-flash.a (with source), and libfs-flash3.a (binary only)

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    Version Version Comment Created By
    Version 1 David Green  -  12/19/2012