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Freescale MPC8641D 1.0.0 BSP - Experimental

NOTE: Read release note first for additional info about required patches!#

Drivers included in binary form#

  • Startup and Library code (startup-mpc8641d, libstartup.a)
  • PCI Express server (pci-mpc8641)
  • Serial driver (devc-ser8250, devc-tser8250)
  • Network driver (
  • I2C driver and Library code (i2c-mpc8641d, libi2c-master.a)
  • Flash driver and Library code (devf-generic, libmtd-flash.a)
  • Network Driver Library code (libdrvr.a, libdrvrS.a)
  • Power Manager Client Library code (libpm.a)
  • Persistent Store Library code (libps.a)

Drivers included in source form#

  • Startup
  • PCI Express server
  • Serial driver
  • Network driver
  • I2C driver
  • Flash driver