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wiki4711: Bspdown_ti_omap_3730_mistral

TI OMAP 3730 EVM Support Package#

This BSP supports the TI OMAP 3730 based Custom Design.

Access to the DM3730 BSP is currently under development and available for committed production programs, for access please contact the QNX Community Management Group_


Feature Planned Availability Format Notes
IPL Completed SRC .
Startup Completed SRC .
Serial Completed SRC .
I2C Completed SRC .
NAND Complete SRC
SD card Completed SRC
USB EHCI Host Completed BIN USB-OTG as Host
USB OTG Host Completed BIN USB-OTG as Host
Audio Completed SRC .
Graphics Completed SRC .
SGX Graphics Accelerator Completed BIN Need to install the composition manager patch first

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    Version From To Version Comment Created By
    Version 4 Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  09/20/2010
    Version 3 Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  09/01/2010
    Version 2 Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  08/31/2010
    Version 1 posting availability of 3730 support on special request Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  08/23/2010