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wiki4711: Bspdown_ti_omap_3730_mistral (Version 2)

TI OMAP 3730 EVM Support Package#

This BSP supports the TI OMAP 3730 based EVM.

Access to the DM3730 BSP is granted on-demand, for access please contact the QNX Community Management Group_


Feature Planned Availability Format Notes
IPL Completed SRC .
Startup Completed SRC .
Serial Completed SRC .
I2C Completed SRC .
NAND Complete SRC
SD card Completed SRC
USB EHCI Host Completed BIN USB-OTG as Host
USB OTG Host Completed BIN USB-OTG as Host
Audio Completed SRC .
Graphics Completed SRC .
SGX Graphics Accelerator Completed BIN Need to install the composition manager patch first

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    Version From To Version Comment Created By
    Version 4 Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  09/20/2010
    Version 3 Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  09/01/2010
    Version 2 Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  08/31/2010
    Version 1 posting availability of 3730 support on special request Kroy Zeviar(deleted)  -  08/23/2010