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wiki5411: Bspdown_Lippert_Toucan

Lippert Toucan_TC COM Express Compact Module#

This platform is supported by the Crown Bay BSP (E6xx and EG20T aka TunnelCreek/Topcliff) in both Fastboot IPL and BIOS based configurations. Support is available directly from Lippert Embedded Computers


Crown Bay Fastboot IPL is here


Feature Planned Availability Format Notes
Fastboot IPL Available source for non BIOS configurations. Requires SPI flash programmer
Startup Available source startup-apic (for BIOS based IPL) and startup-crownbay (for Fastboot IPL)
UART Available source devc-ser8250 (for use on the SuperIO based UART), devc-serpci for EG20T IOH
MMC/SD Available source
SATA AHCI Available source
PCI server Available source includes IOAPIC and MSI/MSI-X support
SMB Available source system management bus resource manager
SPI Available source master mode only
CAN Available source loopback not supported
Ethernet Available binary EG20T
USB Available binary OHCI and EHCI

See ./docs/usr/help/product/bsp_crownbay/release_notes/release_notes.html and ./src/hardware/startup/boards/*/*.build files for details on building and configuring the appropriate bootable images and starting up applicable drivers

Please contact Lippert Embedded Computers for support of these device#