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wiki1193: BSPAndDrivers (Version 10)

BSPs and Drivers Directory#


Download BSPs for each of the supported architectures from the following BSP posting pages:

6.3.x can now all be downloaded without having to have registered a product. Pre-6.3.x BSPs still require a valid product registration to download and install.


QNX provides a wide variety of device drivers. The list of supported devices and hardware are on the driver pages below:

Drivers for a wide range of hardware are shipped with the QNX Momentics releases. Drivers are also made available in GA patches. Before being included in a release or patch, drivers will also be made available for download from their specfic driver page. To navigate to the location of a specific driver, see the release and patch driver availability page.

Driver development kits are available for audio, graphics, network, character input and USB can be found on the DDK page.