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wiki2330: AtmelAT91SAM9263EKEvaluationBoard (Version 2)

Atmel AT91SAM9263-EK BSP

BSP Components

  • ARM LE Kernel for QNX Neutrino, 6.3.2
  • “Cold Start” IPL, programmed to Dataflash(Serial Flash)
  • Startup
  • Serial Driver supporting DB9 RS232 connectors, serial UART and DBGU UART modes of operation.
  • USB Host (OHCI)
  • Ethernet, 10/100Mbit/s
  • I2C Resource Manager
  • SPI Host
  • SPI Slave
  • Photon Graphics Driver, 2D Acceleration with blitting, polygon fill, line drawing.
  • SD Block Driver
  • Audio including Playback, Capture, Mixer, Mute output, Change output volume.

This BSP is available for release with certain restrictions and contractual obligations. For additional details pertaining to the release of this BSP please contact: