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wiki10422: ADAS1_0_BSPs

QNX Platform for ADAS 1.0 BSPs#

These BSPs have been validated in conjunction with the QNX Platform for ADAS 1.0 release. Later versions of these BSPs may exist in the main F27 repository. Please consult release notes to determine if migration to a later BSP version better meets the needs of your project.

Last Update Board QNX Neutrino version Processors Provided By
2015-06-20 Intel Rangeley QNX Platform for ADAS 1.0 x86 QNX
2015-06-20 Texas Instruments DRA74x Jacinto 6 EVM QNX Platform for ADAS 1.0 Cortex A15 QNX

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    Version From To Version Comment Created By
    Version 6 Jennifer Mallalieu(deleted)  -  06/30/2016
    Version 5 Jennifer Mallalieu(deleted)  -  06/30/2016
    Version 4 Jennifer Mallalieu(deleted)  -  06/30/2016
    Version 3 Jennifer Mallalieu(deleted)  -  06/20/2016
    Version 2 Jennifer Mallalieu(deleted)  -  06/20/2016
    Version 1 Jennifer Mallalieu(deleted)  -  06/20/2016