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wiki1106: Software_Directory (Version 17)

The Bazaar Directory#

This directory contains software that has been ported and provided by the community. It includes demos, commercial, non-commercial and open-source binaries, source, and libraries that run on QNX Neutrino.

Interested in contributing or in advertizing your software? Contact the QNX Community Management Group.

Neutrino Downloads#

Software below is directly downloadable from your web browser.

Category Name Description Version License Supplier Size Download Resources
Networking lrzsz Communication package providing the XMODEM, YMODEM and ZMODEM protocols 0.12.20 GPL 2.0 QNX TBD SRC BIN SRC+BIN WIKI BUGS
Tools ctags Generates an index of names found in source and header files 5.2.3 GPL 2.0 QNX TBD SRC BIN SRC+BIN WIKI

IDE Plug-ins#

The plug-ins below can be installed within the IDE to expand its capabilities.

Category Name Description Supports License Download
SCM Subclipse Subversion client IDE 4.x EPL 1.0
SCM Subversive Subversion client IDE 4.x EPL 1.0
Editor viPlugin for Eclipse Replacement code editor with vi like behavior IDE 4.x For purchase with free trial

Lots of other useful add-on plug-ins can be found on the Eclipse Plugin Central web site

QNX Installer Packages#

The QNX Software Installer (qnxinstaller) that is included with Neutrino can install packages from a local or from a remote repository. Point to the QNX Self-Hosted Software Repository located located at and find hundreds of packages of ported software - everything from utilities to development libraries.

Image qnxinstaller-thumb.PNG [Software_Directory/qnxinstaller-thumb.PNG]
Image qnxinstaller.PNG [Software_Directory/qnxinstaller.PNG]