Make Resources#

Make is a utility for controlling and automating the build of applications.

User Resources#

Developer Resources#

How to build#

  1. Check out source from branch.
  2. Change directory into a build directory that matches the desired configuration. If you want the make executable to run on a Linux host, change into the linux-x86-o/ directory. If you desire a Windows hosted make executable, change into win32-x86-o/.
  3. Remove any existing files with the exception of 'GNUmakefile'.
  4. Type 'make'. The build will take sometime to complete.
  5. Once Make has successfully completed, if you are on a system that has write permissions on $QNX_HOST and $QNX_TARGET, switch to superuser/administrator access.
  6. Copy the make executable into $QNX_HOST/usr/bin/.