Features Planned for Alpha Build 20.4
QMS7055-MR0051 Explorer Interface
QMS7055-MR0057 Ripping: Perform a pre-copy/rip synchronization of metadata
QMS7055-MR0060 Ability to create external DLL to provide character encoding routines
QMS7055-MR0061 Improved damaged media handling
QMS7055-MR0062 Provide notification of corrupt database
QMS7055-MR0066 Provide configuration option to set maximum library entries for library database
QMS7055-MR0067 Provide a limit to the maximum number of items that will be synchronized per folder
QMS7055-MR0071 Provide mechanism for configuring track session view behavior
QMS7055-MR0073 Provide an io-media option for dealing with corrupted media to prevent probing of the corrupted media with other parsers when 1st parser fails
QMS7055-MR0075 Provide io-media optimizations for selecting parsers and decoders
QMS7055-MR0078 Provide an API for setting and reading the current playback language
QMS7055-MR0079 Provide an MME event if a files per folder limit is reached during 1st pass sync
QMS7055-MR0080 Provide pruning options for mediastores that have been marked as 'unavailable'.
QMS7055-MR0084 Provide additional MME events to indicate status of HDD access when ripping content