Function Instrumentation Mode for System Profiler#

If you missing functions names in System Profiler timeline view you may want to consider adding this information by Instrumenting you binaries with Function instrumentation library and running in kernel events mode.

Build Flags#

Launch from Command line on target#

NOTE: In IDE 4.5 .kev file and the binary has to be inside "C Project" to be imported successfully. You can create fake C Makefile project, import these 2 files in there and import using into Application Profiler using "Import into Application Profiler" menu

Launch from IDE#

System Profiler - Viewing Information#

NOTE: To see symbol information you binary file has to be inside "C Project" (or QNX Project). If you using standard makefile project, in binary parser settings (project->Properties->C/C++ build->Setting->Binary Parsers) only QNX Binary Parser should be enabled.