IDE 4.7.2#

IDE is an acronym which stands for Integrated Development Environment and a short form for the QNX Momentics IDE. The IDE is based on Eclipse and CDT (open source projects). It provides a Graphical User Interface for developing applications for the Neutrino Real Time Operating System (RTOS). The IDE runs on Windows and Linux hosts, uses cross-platform compilers for Neutrino, and supports "target machine" management with remote running and debugging of applications.

This page is for experimental drops of release for IDE 4.7.2. You can try this version of IDE after you install one of the IDE 4.7.2 integration builds. We welcome your suggestions for improvement.

Integration build 201112081519 Download#

Integration build 201105131414 Download#

Integration build 201011021002, first IDE 4.7.2 build Download#