IDE Tau Alpha I Build#

The code name for the next release of the IDE is called Tau. You can experiment with the new features of Tau after you install the IDE Tau Alpha I build. We welcome your suggestions for improvement. Use the IDE Forum for discussions about the IDE, and to post your questions, comments, and suggestions.

What's new?#

Installation Instructions#

To install IDE Tau Alpha I:

After You Install#

After you install IDE Tau Alpha I, the first time you start the IDE on Windows, the Workspace Launcher dialog prompts you for a location to store your workspace. By default, the IDE offers to put your workspace in a sub-directory called "ide-tau-workspace". To store your workspace in another location, click "Browse" and select a directory for your workspace. To continue loading the IDE, click "OK".


This is experimental code that is being provided for evaluation purposes only under the terms of a valid QNX Momentics development tool license agreement.