QNX Software Development Platform 6.5.0#

The QNX Software Development Platform which includes the QNX Neutrino RTOS and QNX Momentics Tools Suite - version 6.5.0 - the pre-release software is now available for download.

What's New#

Relation to other Foundry27 Projects#

The Foundry27 projects that form part of the software development platform version 6.5.0 are:

Much of the new technology available in the 6.5.0 release has been made available via these Foundry27 projects. The alpha download includes these projects in a complete installable package.

Downloading and Installing the Pre-Release Software Development Platform version 6.5.0 Software#

Go to to the QNX Download Center to retrieve the binary installers for 6.5.0. Select the download appropriate for your host system. Note the Neutrino self-hosted installer comes in ISO format and will require burning to a CD or some ISO mounting software to use. The Windows and Linux installers are installer executables that can be downloaded and run to install 6.5.0. You can re-use your existing QNX Momentics 6.3.x or 6.4.x license for installing and running this alpha software.

Feedback, Comments, Questions and Answers#

Please use the QNX Software Development Platform Pre-Releases forum for questions and reporting issues.