Foundry27 Roadmap#

The table below summarizes the upcoming major milestones:

MilestoneMajor AccomplishmentsPlanned
LaunchQNX Community Launched3Q07
QNX Operating System ProjectKernel, system libraries, core utilities3Q07
BSPs and Drivers ProjectInitial set of BSPs and drivers3Q07
Bazaar ProjectHosts several components not developed as part of a project3Q07
Core Development Tools ProjectGNU Compiler, Debugger, binutils, make and nasm3Q07
IDE ProjectMilestone builds and plans of the QNX Momentics IDE3Q07
Networking ProjectNext Generation Networking stack, protocols, drivers (io-pkt)4Q07
Filesystems ProjectBlock/Flash/Network Filesystems and Utilities2Q08
Hardware Supportchar-io, audio, PCI, etc...1Q09
Multimedia ProjectMultimedia components1Q09
HMI Framework ProjectMulti-media Demo Application1Q09
Graphics ProjectPhoton and advanced graphics components2Q09
External committersInfrastructure and governance ready to handle community contributions2010
Tracker Support EnabledTracker support for each project2010

Roadmap Staging Area (Good Ideas Yet To Be Scheduled) #

These are unscheduled items that are good ideas but have no hard timeframe associated with them. If you have additional ideas, post a message in the community forum and if it sounds like it makes sense, we'll get it in the staging area.