network driver#

This is the latest version of the driver. Support has been added for the Intel i350 line of gigabit Ethernet controllers.

Last Update Driver Platform Checksum x86 arm armv7 ppc

Installation notes for x86 systems#

  1. After you have downloaded this driver, run "cksum" and compare it with the above checksum
  2. Make a backup copy of /lib/dll/ as well as $QNX_TARGET/x86/lib/dll/
  3. Copy the new driver to /lib/dll as well as $QNX_TARGET/x86/lib/dll

Installation for other targets#

  1. Run cksum against the driver as for x86 above
  2. Make a backup copy of $QNX_TARGET/target/lib/dll/
  3. Copy this driver to $QNX_TARGET/target/lib/dll
  4. Rebuild your boot image to include the new driver