Access to DSPLink is granted on-demand, please first contact the QNX Community Management Group_

Date Version Prerequisites Installation NotesRelease NotesLicense(s) Support Provider Download Source Tag
2010-06-111.62BSP for the TI OMAP L1XXhere here QDLExperimentalQNXProject Download none
2009-11-191.62BSP for the TI DRA446/DRA457/DRA459 or TI OMAP 3530 EVM and Beaglehere here QDLQNXQNXProject Download none
2009-03-311.61TI DRA446 BSP or TI OMAP 3530 EVM and Beagle BSPhere here QDLQNXQNXProject Download none
2008-11-111.40.05 v3.3TI DRA446 BSPhere here QDLExperimentalQNXProject Download none
2007-11-191.40.05 v3TI DRA446 BSPhere here MEULAQNXQNXQNX Download Center none