The Bazaar Directory#

This directory contains software provided by the community. Information about these packages and the packages themselves are offered to you on Foundry27 as-is for your convenience; i.e. as provided by community members.

Interested in contributing or in advertising your software? Contact the QNX Community Management Group.

QNX Neutrino Downloads#

Software running on the QNX Neutrino operating system.

Bootf32qldrFAT32 QNX loader1.0.1Apache IIDennis KellySRC+BIN
BootqnxldsysDOS Device Driver to load QNX1.0.0Apache IIQNXSRC+BIN
BootpxqldrPXE QNX loader1.0.0Apache IIQNXSRC+BIN
Data MgmtRaima Database Manager (RDM) EmbeddedDatabase management system that provides data storage, data retrieval and data manipulation capabilities for an embedded or real-time applicationlatestcustomBirdstep Technology SDK
Data MgmtRaima Database Manager (RDM) MobileSmall footprint database specifically designed for use on small devices such as PDAs, mobile phones and embedded computerslatestcustomBirdstep Technology SDK
Data MgmtRaima Database Manager (RDM) ServerScaleable client-server system using a combined database model (the network and relational models)latestcustomBirdstep Technology SDK
Disk Mgmtq4imgSector-based backup/restore for QNX4-filesystems1.0.0GPL 2.0 Dennis KellySRC+BIN
JavaJamaicaVMFull featured implementation of J2SE for real-time and embedded systemsV3.0customaicasBIN
JavaPerc UltraThe Java Virtual Machine that provides high performance, compiled envirnonments supporting execution of Java platform applications on QNX.latestobtained by requestAonixPERC ultra
OfficeQNX port of Mozilla SunbirdCalendar management0.7preMozilla Foundation EULA Crank Software Inc. BIN
OfficeQNX port of Mozilla ThunderbirdE-mail Client2.0Mozilla Thunderbird EULA Crank Software Inc. BIN
NetworkingBarracuda Embedded Web Server demoTwo precompiled servers specifically designed for loading and enabling the development of Lua Server Pages (LSP) applicationslatestcustomRealTime LogicSDK DEMO
NetworkingCyaSSLSSL/micro-SSL/TLS Client and ServerlatestGPL or CustomyaSSLSRC
NetworkingConfDConfD is an XML-based software application used to build carrier-grade, on-device network management systems including CLI, Web, SNMP, and NETCONF interfaceslatestcustomTail-f SystemsSDK
NetworkinglrzszCommunication package providing the XMODEM, YMODEM and ZMODEM protocols0.12.20GPL 2.0 QNXSRC BIN
NetworkingMocana Certicate ManagementSimple Certificate Enrollmont Protocol (SCEP)latestcustommocana corporationSDK
NetworkingMocana EAPFramework and Transport Mechanism for AAA protocolslatestcustommocana corporationSDK
NetworkingMocana IPSec/IKE/IKEv2Security Protocolslatestcustommocana corporationSDK
NetworkingMocana Radius ClientRadius Clientlatestcustommocana corporationSDK
NetworkingMocana SSL/TLS ServerSSL/TLS Serverlatestcustommocana corporationSDK
NetworkingMocana SSH ClientSSH Clientlatestcustommocana corporationSDK
NetworkingMocana SSH ServerSSH Serverlatestcustommocana corporationSDK
NetworkingQNX port of AsteriskOpen Source IP PBX1.4.2GPL 2.0 DigiumSRC
NetworkingQNX port of Mozilla FirefoxWeb browser2.0Mozilla Firefox EULA Crank Software Inc. BIN
NetworkingSNMPv3 Agent x86 SDK Binary LibraryFor QNX Neutrino 6.38.3customNuDesign TechnologiesSDK
NetworkingVisual MIBuildervisual MIB building application in SMIv1 / SMIv2 grammer4.7customNuDesign TechnologiesSDK
NetworkingVisual Embedded xAgentBuilder for C++SNMPv3/HTTP Agent Source Code and Project File Generation Wizard7.3customNuDesign TechnologiesSDK
NetworkingVisual MIBrowser ProSNMPv3 Management Application7.2customNuDesign TechnologiesSDK
NetworkingVisual SNMP Traffic MonitorCapture, custom filtering, decoding, storage and retrieval application3.2customNuDesign TechnologiesSDK
NetworkingyaSSLSSL/TLS Client and ServerlatestGPL or CustomyaSSLSRC
SecurityTaoCryptCryptography librarylatestGPL or CustomyaSSLSRC
ToolsctagsGenerates an index of names found in source and header files5.2.3GPL 2.0 QNXSRC BIN
ToolsqcrashHelps reading kernel dump1.0.0Apache IIYao ZhaoSRC+BIN
ToolssysinfoGathers system information for trouble shooting purposes1.0.0Apache IIQNXSRC

Hardware Support#


The following are community contributed BSPs:

Board QNX Neutrino version Processors Provider License(s) Download
Freescale MPC8379e RDB6.3.2MPC8379eDavid BottQDL and Apache IISRC+BIN
Freescale MPC8379e RDB6.4.1MPC8379eDavid BottQDL and Apache IISRC+BIN
ISEE IGEPv2 Platform6.4.0OMAP3530ATS GlobalATS Global experimentalSRC+BIN

For an exhaustive list of BSPs available for Neutrino, see the BSPs and Drivers project's directory.


The following are community contributed drivers:

Driver TypeDevice NameDescriptionVersionNeutrino RTOS VersionCPU ArchitectureProviderLicenseDownload
AudioSiS 7019Audio driver for SiS 70191.06.3.0ALLMike GorchakQDL+Apache 2SRC
VMEio-vmeVME Bus Manager. Includes driver example for VMIO12 VME IO boardRev.2009. and laterx86CDB BCCustomSRC+BIN

For a searchable listing of specific drivers available for Neutrino, see the Hardware Database.

Cross-development Tools#

Cross-development tools to target Neutrino.

DACHSviewgeneral purpose function block language for the graphical development of real-time control and real-time graphics applications1.3CustomSTEINHOFF Automation & Fieldbus SystemsNo InterWiki reference defined in properties for Wiki called " http"!
CH Standard EditionA free C/C++ interpreter for scripting and shell programming6.0Free for commercial useSoftIntegration, Inc.
Embedded CHEmbedded Ch is an embeddable C/C++ interpreter, you can call C/C++ library from Ch script or call Ch script from C/C++ application. Debug and thread features are supported.6.0commercial license requiredSoftIntegration, Inc.
Intel C++ Compiler Professional Edition for QNX Neutrino RTOSThe new compiler contains a number of improvements specifically for the Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor, Decimal Floating point extensions and bug fixes. In addition the IPP sample code has been improved and now support both Windows and Linux
MapuSoft OS PALOS Abstractor and OS Changer products to help developers re-use their embedded software on QNX. MapuSoft also offers porting, integration, support and training services to help developers easily migrate from legacy platforms to the next generation.latestcustomMapusoft EVAL
QNX SDK for LabView EmbeddedThis target allows for LabVIEW Embedded to target any supported hardware platform for QNX Neutrino Instruments SLA National Instruments SRC+BIN
QWin - Development TargetSoftware solution for QNX development without a real target hardwarelatestcustomIBV - Echtzeit- und Embedded GmbH & Co. KG
QWin - Windows Extension for QNXQNX and Windows on a single processorlatestcustomIBV - Echtzeit- und Embedded GmbH & Co. KG
SoftIntegration C++ Graphical Plotting LibraryThe simplest solution for 2D/3D graphical plotting within the framework of C/C++. Plots can be generated using SIGL for display in a local monitor, through the Web, or saved in a file with a variety of different file formats.v2.5CustomSoftIntegration, Inc.
Virtual High-Speed Application Timer for QNX6Timer to generate high speed interrupts below the QNX system tick periodlatestcustomIBV - Echtzeit- und Embedded GmbH & Co. KG

Data Acquisition#

National Instruments & QNX Measurment-Quality Analog I/O OEM Bundle
Kit Contents
Genesi EFIKA 5200B Single Board Computer based on the Freescale MPC5200B PPC SOC 400MHz
NI USB 6009 Data Acquisition Device
QNX Neutrino and Momentics 60 day Evaluation
NI LabVIEW Microprocessor SDK 60-day Evaluation

For more details and to order: NI Zone or email

QNX Momentics IDE Plug-ins#

The plug-ins below can be installed within the IDE to expand its capabilities.

AnalysisKlocwork Developer for JavaJava Code AnalysisIDE 4.xcustomKlocworkBIN
SCMSubclipseSubversion clientIDE 4.0EPL 1.0 Tigris SRC+BIN
SCMSubversiveSubversion clientIDE 4.0 - included in IDE 4.5 and laterEPL 1.0 SRC+BIN
EditorviPlugin for EclipseReplacement code editor with vi like behaviorIDE 4.xFor purchase with free SRC+BIN
EditorEclipse Hex Editor PluginHex editor for any file typeIDE 4.xGPL SRC+BIN
EditorColumns 4 EclipseColumn functionality for editors in EclipseIDE 4.xEPL SRC+BIN

Lots of other useful add-on plug-ins can be found on the Eclipse Plugin Central web site


'pkgsrc' is a framework for building third-party software and managing the resulting packages. Originally developed on NetBSD, pkgsrc has evolved according to NetBSD's principle of portability and currently supports 13 different platforms (hopefully QNX will be number 14). Over 6400 packages are in the base distribution. The QNX Community pkgsrc project was created to act as a stepping point to have QNX included as a supported platform in pkgsrc.

QNX Installer Packages#

The QNX Software Installer (qnxinstaller) that is included with Neutrino can install packages from a local or from a remote repository. Point to the QNX Self-Hosted Software Repository located located at and find over 600 software packages ported over QNX!