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The packages collection

Project Created: 09/13/2007

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Project overview#

'pkgsrc' is a framework for building third-party software and managing the resulting packages. Originally developed on NetBSD, pkgsrc has evolved according to NetBSD's principle of portability and currently supports 13 different platforms (hopefully QNX will be number 14). Over 6400 packages are in the base distribution. The goal of this project is to act as a stepping point to have QNX included as a supported platform in pkgsrc. Bleeding edge development of QNX support for both the pkgsrc infrastructure and individual packages will happen here. The intent is that the work done here will be propagated back upstream to pkgsrc and the maintainers of particular distributions as applicable.

What's in it for developers?#

This will more than likely be the place to make / get the first cut of the latest release of your favourite 3rd party tool or toy on QNX.


As its name implies, 'pkgsrc' is distributed in two forms: as source and as binary packages which are compiled therefrom. The goal of this project is to exercise the building of packages from source and to disseminate any resulting patches; however binary distributions of packages will also be made available.


Since the goal of this project is to actually get packages building under QNX, please try building your favourite package yourself and let us know how it goes! See the 'Source Code' link above for access to the project repository. The pkgsrc/HEAD_640 branch is where the latest QNX specific development occurs. The pkgsrc/vendor branch contains snapshots of the unmodified NetBSD tree. The vendor branch is useful for diffs and merges to the entire HEAD_640 branch but isn't necessarily required to be checked out for development. Instructions to set up a build environment and bootstrap pkgsrc are here.

Pre-built packages are also available.


'pkgsrc' itself is under a BSD license. The various distributions are under their own specific licenses.


NetBSD Pkgsrc Home
The pkgsrc Guide from NetBSD

Project News
6.5.0 Binary packages update
More the 6000 binary packages for 6.5.0 are now posted at - 01/04/2012 10:36 AM EST
6.4.1 binary packages
More than 3000 binary packages for 6.4.1 are now posted at - 08/07/2009 8:46 PM EDT