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Project Created: 07/05/2007

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Welcome to the Community Project#

The Community Project helps manage the evolution of Foundry27.

What's in it for developers#

This project offers the usual set of resources available for technology projects:

  • Forums to discuss general community-related topics
    • The General Community Forum is your interface to the individuals whose goal is to make Foundry27 the best possible portal for the QNX Community. Look into this forum for community announcements and to post questions or suggestions to help improve your ecosystem.
    • The QNX Momentics Community Support Forum is used to post questions, raise issues, propose enhancements and read announcements related to QNX Momentics.
      • Note that questions about technologies developed as part of a Foundry27 project should be referred to such project's own forums. A full listing of all community forums is available here.
    • The QNX Momentics Getting Started is for installation or entry-level questions about QNX Momentics.
    • The QNX4 Community Support Forum is used to discuss about QNX4.
  • Learn about the ecosystem
    • See the the Ecosystem section of the wiki
  • Learn how to use the portal
    • See the the Portal Usage section of the wiki
  • Get portal-wide listing of resources
    • See the the Portal-wide Resources Listing section of the wiki


Community resources such as the FAQ are available from the Resource section of the wiki


The QNX Community roadmap is available here

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