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QNX Foundation Classes The QNX Foundation Classes is a library of C++ classes designed to facilitate development using the paradigms unique to QNX (e.g. resource managers/IPC/etc.) 0 09/17/2007
publictest publictest 0 07/19/2009
QNX Community SDL Project Simple Direct Media Layer QNX 6.4.x port Mike Gorchak 2 03/04/2009
QNX Community FUSE Project FUSE for QNX 2 03/09/2009
QNX Community QEMU™ Project Port of open source processor emulator QEMU to QNX. Alex Fox 3 09/18/2007
Wind River® VxWorks® Migration Resources to help migration to QNX Neutrino of Wind River® VxWorks® systems Leo Forget, Mike Lemke 7 10/02/2009
Valgrind Valgrind Adam Mallory, Michael Garwood 8 09/23/2014
dtrace A QNX port of the Solaris dtrace tool. 9 01/11/2008
QNX Community VMware® Project This project is a place to adopt, adapt or create software for using QNX in the VMware environment. 11 09/17/2007
QNX Japanese Community QNX Japanese community - in Japanese QNX 日本語コミュニティー Koichi Okazawa, Koichi Okazawa (2) 12 01/29/2008
Bazaar A marketplace for software exchange. Adam Mallory, Grant Courville, Grant Courville (2), Tina Jeffrey 13 07/05/2007
IDE QNX Momentics IDE development project. Elena Laskavaia 14 08/01/2007
QNX Community pkgsrc Project The packages collection 26 09/13/2007
Community General community information and administration Mike Lemke, Yi Zheng 26 07/05/2007
Reference Designs TBD Ben Vandenbelt, Mike Shane, Sheridan Ethier 27 03/25/2010