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Web Browsers

Web browsing and HTML
rendering technologies
for the QNX platform.

Project Created: 01/06/2009

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Adam Mallory
Alain Magloire
Max Feil
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Project overview#

PLEASE NOTE: This Foundry project was used during the development of QNX CAR 1 and is now outdated.

QNX CAR 3 uses the QNX port of the Chromium/Blink browser.

QNX CAR 2 uses the BlackBerry WebKit port. The BlackBerry WebKit port first appeared in the BlackBerry Playbook and is used extensively in BlackBerry BB10 devices.

If you still want to continue reading, remember that the following information applies to very old QNX releases only.

The Web Browsers project manages the development of web browsers and related technologies for the QNX CAR 1 platform. The main area of activity is the development of a WebKit based embeddable browser engine which can be integrated into QNX applications via OpenKode and Composition Manager.
  • The QNX port of WebKit is currently based on the QNX Graphics Framework (GF).
  • The supported Neutrino target hardware platforms are: ARM, PowerPC, SH-4 and x86.
  • The supported host OS platforms for building WebKit from source are: Linux and Neutrino.

What's in it for developers?#

  • Want to write a WebKit based application such as a browser, help viewer, or email viewer? Start with one of the sample launcher applications to speed up your own development.
  • Want to debug a WebKit based application, or get the latest updates for the QNX port of the WebKit engine? Download the WebKit source and build it yourself.
  • Have a question, or want to share some information? Use the discussion forum.


The QNX port of the WebKit browser engine includes source code from the WebKit Open Source Project, the Sand-labs Origyn Web Browser (by Pleyo), and Crank Software Inc.
  • WebKit is open source software with portions licensed under the LGPL and BSD licenses. Complete license and copyright information can be found within the source code.
  • Sand-labs OWB and Browser Abstraction Layer (BAL) is open source software copyright Pleyo, and governed by a BSD style license. Complete license and copyright information can be found within the source code.
  • Proprietary elements of the Web Browsers project source code are licensed to you by QSS under the QNX Non-Commercial End User License Agreement, Commercial Software License Agreement, or Partner Software License Agreement (see


  • For more information on writing a WebKit application, building WebKit or running a sample launcher see the QNX Software Development Platform (v6.4.1) WebKit development guide.
Project News
Javascript Native Extensions ported to QNX
Do you want to invoke any local executable or interface to any native functionality using Javascript on your WebPage? Then the Javascript Native Extensions framework is what you need. The work done by has been ported to QNX. The source code is available here: - 08/26/2009 2:12 PM EDT