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QNX Community VMware® Project

This project is a place
to adopt, adapt or
create software for
using QNX in the VMware

Project Created: 09/17/2007

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Welcome to the QNX Community VMware® Project#

The purpose of this project is to provide a common gathering place for all QNX development as it relates to VMware. This includes previous work done by QSS in providing drivers for running QNX in a VMware environment, as well as current work using the recently released Open VM Tools.

This project is not intended as simply a port of Open VM Tools, but rather a place to adopt, adapt or create software for using QNX in the VMware environment.

What's in it for developers#

VMware makes a fantastic development and test environment when working with QNX. The fact that QNX has drivers which recognize that they are in VMware and there work better makes the whole environment work that much more useful.

QSS has released the source to those drivers and in conjunction with the Open VM Tools, we should be able to improve the environment even more.


This project offers the usual set of resources available for technology projects:

Forums to discuss general project related topics

  • The General Forum is your place to discuss ideas and current work related to the project.
  • The Support Forum is where you can report problems and bugs with any of the software that is part of the project.


In the short term, we are going to provide the drivers which QSS has created for running under vmware.
In the middle term, we are going to port/adapt ideas/concepts and code from the Opem VM Tools.
In the long term, we could even look at something interesting like adding paravirtualization support to the QNX kernel (since we have access to it now).

In any case, we currently have some ideas of where we want this project to go, but in the end it is up to all of you. If you are interested in helping with this project, we will figure out what we are trying to accomplish and create a roadmap.


Each software contribution listed within the directory is presented with its particular license.

VMware is a registered trademark of VMware, Inc
Project News
Port VMW posted
VMW is a collection of VMWare utilities which are written by the same person (Ken Kato) who runs the VM Back website ( and did the original work which we based the vmtool stuff on.

vmw includes 3 utilities:
vmw - command line access to vmware backdoor functions. Potentially useful in scripts
vmftp - ftp client which treats the host shared folder like an ftp server. Really useful!
vmshrink - access to the ability to shrink the filesystem backing file (in the host) to the
curently used space in the guest. Only works with filesystem mounted as /
right now. - 06/21/2009 12:38 PM EDT