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wiki5226: BinPkgChangelog

Qt 4.7.1 for QNX — Binary package changelog#

2011-02-24b (, 287 MiB; debug symbols)
Fix archive ordering and build scripts to work on Windows hosts. Target binaries and debug symbols are unchanged.
2011-02-24 (, 287 MiB; debug symbols)
Include qtdemo and some other binaries that were accidentally omitted from previous releases.
2011-02-23 (, 279 MiB; debug symbols)
Added a workaround for a libQtGui crash on armle, and merged some stability fixes (ics-patches/1000-backported_48-optional-plz_dont_crash.diff, backported from Qt 4.8).
2011-02-22 (, 279 MiB; debug symbols)
Added Windows host tools, and updated the QNX and mingw32 mkspecs. No target binaries have changed, so the old debug symbols still apply. Note: The armle (non-v7) version of libQtGui is broken in this version, and the previous 4.7.1 release.
2011-02-17 (, 274 MiB; debug symbols)
Posted initial Qt release, and a separate debug symbol package.