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Qt 4.7.1 for QNX#

Qt Support Disclaimer#

QNX Software Systems (QSS) is pleased to see Qt ported to the QNX Neutrino RTOS. The Qt distribution is posted on Foundry27 as a convenience for our customer base until such time that it is officially posted on the Nokia Qt website. As Qt is not supported directly by QSS, you are encouraged to contact one of the many organizations that provide Qt related services should you require training, consulting or support for Qt.

Binary packages#

Binary package for all targets (, 287 MiB; changelog)
This package includes everything you need to build a QNX-targeted Qt application, and to run it on a QNX 6.5.0 system.
Debug symbols for binary package (qt_qnx_targets_2011-02-24_symbols.tar.gz, 129 MiB)
The file includes the unstripped versions of all binaries from the above package. (Still valid for the 2011-02-24b release.)

Source code#

The modified Qt source code (about 550 MiB in size) is stored under src/qt-qnx-4.7.1 in the qt_qnx SVN repository. An SVN command like this can be used to check it out:

  • svn checkout --username

See qnx-notes.txt for build instructions. For the original Qt source (before porting to QNX), see src/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.1/.

Medical demo#

Source package (qt_qnx_medical_demo_source_2011-03-01.tar.gz, 9 MiB; changelog)
This package includes the source code for the QNX Qt medical demo, and binary versions of the Continua manager, agents, and libraries, which are used to provide data to the demo. To build on Windows, install qt_qnx_2011-02-24b or newer.
VMware image (, 127 MiB)
A VMware image that boots the medical demo with simulated devices.