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wiki5101: PhsToPcl (Version 1)

APDK-based phs-to-pcl for QNX4#

September 15, 2008

This document lists the considerations and issues involved with using the APDK-based phs-to-pcl filter in QNX4.


The phs-to-pcl filter is used by the QNX4 print system to convert the Photon draw stream (.phs) into output for Hewlett-Packard PCL-compatible printers.

This version integrates support for the HP Appliance Printing Development Kit (APDK), to control printing to HP printer models. It uses print data rendered by the QNX rendering library and generates PCL output epending on the printer model being printed to.

Packaging and Build#

The APDK-based phs-to-pcl filter was ported from QNX6 and is linked against several libraries. The QNX4 Photon library (ph) and rendering library (phrender and phauxrender, ported from QNX6), the printer library (phprinter, ported from QNX6) and the HP APDK library (hpapdk).

Installation notes#

1. Download the latest phs-to-pcl driver.

2. Compare checksum with the checksum posted below:

# cksum phs-to-pcl.20081003.tar.gz
3723739945 302478 phs-to-pcl.20081003.tar.gz

3. Unpack the driver:

# zcat phs-to-pcl.20081003.tar.gz | tar x

4. Copy the driver to Photon executables directory:

# cp phs-to-pcl /usr/photon/bin

Usage notes#

The QNX4 phs-to-pcl documentation isn't available, so read usage info for available command line options:

# use phs-to-pcl

Also read QNX6 phs-to-pci documentation.

Please feel free to ask questions about QNX4 phs-to-pcl in the Discussions.