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There's been a fair bit of interest lately WRT getting the open source net-snmp package up on qnx. Various options are outlined below in order of ease of build execution; easiest to most involved. Note this work is not officially supported at this time.

Building from the core_networking repo in the Networking project on Foundry27#

We've taken a snapshot the net-snmp distribution and converted it to the QNX build environment so it will build easily for all hardware platforms currently supported by QNX. It's not currently built by default when a lower level make is invoked. One needs to check out the core_netwoking repo and perform a build as documented in the core networking source guide. Once that's completed one needs to perform a second make of the net-snmp source:
# cd lib/io-pkt/external/bsd/net-snmp.dist && make CPULIST="x86 ppc" install
Where CPULIST is as specified in your first, lower level make.
Note: if running on versions of QNX prior to 6.4.2, the snmp executables from the second make need to be run against the libsocket from the first make, not the shipped libsocket.

Building directly from the net-snmp distribuion#

libsocket changes#

net-snmp wanted a more standard kvm_*() interface to the stack than the one shipped with 6.4.1. This isn't really specific to snmp; it's just a common user of this interface. At the time of writing, these changes were committed and should ship with QNX 6.4.2.

ps utility#

This commit made a small change to the formatting of the command name generated by the 6.4.1 ps utility in some cases. This gave the net-snmp configure script a little grief. Things did progress in spite of this but... Again this should ship with QNX 6.4.2.

pkgsrc version#

As of this commit, the pkgsrc version was building under 6.4.1 with the above libsocket and ps changes. Note pkgsrc is a moving target but it should be possible to keep this package building.

net-snmp trunk#

The diffs against the net-snmp trunk as of 2009-08-12 were sent back. This patch didn't contain a regenerated configure itself so you'll need to do a (aclocal && autoconf) after applying it. The libsocket and ps changes are also needed if you want to try building their trunk with this patch. Here's the configure command I used. Depending on your environment this may not all apply (Note pkgsrc handles a lot of this for you).
# PERLPROG=/usr/pkg/bin/perl ./configure --enable-shared --with-defaults \
--with-mib-modules="smux host" --with-out-mib-modules="host/hr_swrun" \
--with-perl-modules=INSTALLDIRS=vendor --enable-ipv6 --with-openssl