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QNX RTOS v4 Project overview#

QNX has an ongoing commitment to existing QNX RTOS v4 customers to provide continued support for RTOS v4 based designs. The primary challenge in meeting this commitment is dealing with hardware obsolescence so that you can continue shipping QNX RTOS v4 based products. To facilitate dealing with this challenge, QNX Software Systems has launched this QNX RTOS v4 project on Foundry27. The goals of this Foundry27 project are:

  • Maintain support for currently available hardware by providing access to new drivers that are relevant to QNX RTOS v4. Drivers for network, disk, graphics, audio, USB and other devices will be posted on a regular basis throughout the year.
  • Provide specific pre-approved bug fixes.
  • Establish a forum where your technical staff can post QNX RTOS x4 related questions and receive technical help from the community.
  • Post official QNX RTOS v4 update CDs on an annual basis that incorporates all new drivers.

Latest Software Updates#

Check this location for the latest drivers and utilities that were posted after release of QNX 4 Product Suite 2011.

QNX 4 Product Suite 2011 #

This is the working directory where directory QNX RTOS v4 drivers, system processes and utilities updates delivered as part of the QNX RTOS v4 Product Suite 2011 were posted .

The official release of this product can be downloaded from the Download Center

Release notes for this product are also available here

QNX 4 Product Suite 2009 #

This is the working directory where directory QNX RTOS v4 drivers, system processes and utilities updates delivered as part of the QNX RTOS v4 Product Suite 2009 were posted .

Read The Legal Stuff: License(s)#

This Project is unique to Foundry27 in that it is based on QNX RTOS S v4 software rather than QNX Neutrino. While QNX RTOS v4 is not licensed under the Hybrid Software Model (see, we want to extend some of the Foundry27 benefits to the QNX RTOS v4 developer community.

This Project was launched to allow QNX RTOS v4 customers to download drivers, in binary form, that run on current hardware. We may also be posting QNX4 patches in CD ISO images at this site. In addition to making these software resources available, we also launched this Project to encourage QNX RTOS v4 customers to use the Project’s forum to get technical help from both QNX Software Systems (QSS) developers who monitor the site as well as from colleagues within the broader QNX RTOS v4 developer community.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Sections 10 and 11 of the Foundry27 Terms of Use / Membership Agreement (see, the software available from this Project is licensed by QSS only to QNX RTOS v4 developers for use under their commercial QNX End User License Agreement. This also means that the usual Non-Commercial End User License Agreement, Commercial Software License Agreement (CSLA), and Partner Software License Agreement (see available to the QNX Neutrino development community do not apply to this Project. Please contact if you have any questions.