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wiki1588: GetNetworkingSource (Version 1)

Get It -- Downloading the Core Networking 6.4 Source#

This is the easy way to get the Networking source down to your system and start working with it. For a deeper understanding of how the repository is structured, you will want to read about the Networking source tree.

Direct Source Repository Access#

The networking source is maintained in a single Subversion (SVN) repository and can be checked out:

svn checkout --username <userid>

Where <userid> is the username you created to register with the QNX Developer Community (myQNX). Anonymous access is not currently provided to the source repository.

An SVN, or subversion, command-line client is included as part of the Momentics Development Environment for Neutrino hosts only. For windows and linux hosts you can download it from from

This will get you the Networking source which includes the stack, drivers and protocols (QNET and IP) as well as the associated libraries, services and utilities for networking.