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wiki1587: QuickSourceGuide

Quick Guide to the Networking Source#

If you have an account on Foundry27 and are using a command line SVN utility, you type:

svn checkout --username <userid>

For the details of what that means, read:

* Downloading the Networking Source

Otherwise, you can anonymously browse the full source tree or the detailed links below. If you have downloaded the source, chances are good you will also want to read:

* Build and Use the Networking Source

Where is the Networking Source?

The Networking source repository contains not just the kernel and the process manager, but also core libraries, services and utilities. The main focus of the initial code drop is to provide the community with the new stack and associated utilities. The plan is to eventually move all related networking code (utilities, protocols, drivers, etc) into this repository. Note that some driver code (typically code related to WiFi drivers) may not be released due to Non Disclosure Agreements.

A description of the source modules is available here.

Source Overview#

The networking component is comprised of the following pieces, each described on its own page:

  • Networking Stack (aka io-pkt)
  • Transparent Distributed Processing protocol (aka QNET)
  • Drivers
  • Utilities

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