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Networking : Project overview#

The Networking project manages the development of protocols, protocol stacks and reference drivers that are part of the QNX® Neutrino® Realtime Operating System. The project includes a newly developed IP stack, associated utilities and applications. As compared to the currently shipping version of the stack (io-net), this stack (io-pkt) provides:

  • Close adherence to the NetBSD architecture / code base ( currently NetBSD 4.0)
    • Eases porting of newer stack releases / features
    • Similar driver model / API allows easy porting (using a porting library) of existing NetBSD drivers to io-pkt
  • 802.11 framework for full WiFi support
    • Adhoc
    • Infrastructure client
    • Infrastructure access point (where hardware allows)
  • Faster receive performance due to an optimized threading model

Read the Legal Stuff: Licenses#

* The QNX source is licensed to you by QSS under the QNX Non-Commercial End User License Agreement, Commercial Software License Agreement, or Partner Software License Agreement (see

The software includes encryption technology that may be controlled for import, export or other purposes under the laws and regulations of various countries. This software may not be downloaded or transferred to: (i) any country prohibited by United States and/or Canadian laws and regulations (presently Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Sudan and Syria); (ii) any person or entity prohibited from receiving United States and/or Canadian exports (including, but not limited to, those involved with missile technology or nuclear, chemical or biological weapons); or (iii) any country which requires an import or use permit for encryption technology.


Project Members#

  • Sean Boudreau, protocols, stack and utilities