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Project overview#

The Bazaar manages a directory of software either running on the QNX platform or enabling the creation of such software. The directory lets members of the community share source and/or binaries without the overhead of supporting an independent project.

The directory includes commercial, non-commercial, demonstration as well as open-source software. Contributions can be as complex as a complete solution or as simple as a library.

We will gladly promote contributions residing outside of Foundry27. We also make available a source repository as well as a project downloads area for contributors who prefer avoiding the overhead of managing an external repository and/or a website.

Finally, the project hosts the development of ports to the QNX RTOS.

What's in it for developers?#

  • Provide extensive listing of software that runs on the QNX RTOS.
  • Share software that either runs on the QNX platform or helps develop software for the QNX platform.


The directory lists software available for the QNX platform and links to their download site.


Each software contribution listed within the directory is presented with its particular license.